vendredi 12 décembre 2008

It's about

It’s about the waiting
It’s about the hoping
It’s about the wanting more than the needing

And it’s about looking to feel appreciated
And it’s about looking to feel special

It’s about longing for words that never come out from the right person
Those words she knows she probably won’t return

And it’s about being distracted by things that can seem so right
Yet are so wrong
And it’s about knowing who you truly are
But it’s also about losing strength to carry on living up to it

And it’s about wanting to feel but stopping it just in time
In time to go back to not feeling, not loving, but hoping

Hoping she’ll someday let go
Because knowing it’s right
Because knowing it feels right
Because knowing she can truly be herself
And not someone she sometimes wishes she could be

This is about faith
This is about struggle
This is about longing
This is about knowing she’ll never let go
Because this is about knowing He’ll never let go

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