vendredi 6 novembre 2009

It's like having the key to fulfilment, it's like knowing how to go through struggle & knowing how to deal with the pain. And it's like voluntarily getting rid of the key.
All of a sudden, it's like letting go. Like sinking... deeper deeper. Going down... lower lower & once again coming back up for a gasp of fresh air... breathe... breathe.
Still something's holding you back. Still something's pulling you down & you fall. And you're unhappy. You know why... so you go back up: gasp... air... breathe... breathe.
And you fall back again. & again. & again. Not learning. Choosing to let the guilt take the better of you, choosing to let it all swallow you up. You're in that dark place. Yet you're yearning: gasp... air... breathe... breathe.
And as you're lifted, and as He picks you up, you weep, warm tears of healing. Your whole being feeling freedom.
It takes you. Heals you. Changes you. Makes you whole:

gasp... air... breathe... breathe.

[pic: B_is_for_by_PheebsYeahBaby_on_deviantART]

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Dr. Kräsh & Mr. Two a dit…

... (soufflé!)

catherine a dit…

J'ai adoré l'article dans l'étincelle de la petite gazette..
Du coup, je suis venu voir le blog de mellow...
Meuh non , tu ne blogues pas trop...tu ne blogues pas assez je trouve...tu as une sacré bonne plume à faire connaître...

MeiLo a dit…

oh merci ça fait plaisir! J'étais persuadée que personne ne prendrait la peine de venir jeter un oeil ici =)