dimanche 3 janvier 2010


2009, you were not that good a year, but 2009, you're not as scary now as 2010;
2009, you haven't been a funny year, you've been a weird, challenging year, but 2009, i wish i could be stuck in time right now;
2009, sure enough you made me laugh at times, but 2009, i'm trying to forget you;
2009, i've gotta admit, you surprised me a little, you shook me, you startled me, but 2009, i so wish it wasn't 2010 already;
2009, i'm leaving you with some people behind, but 2009, will you bring them back in 2010?
i smiled all the way through you, 2009, through the highs and lows, and i'm gonna smile through 2010... however daunting;
2009, i'm sorry & 2010, i swear i'll be good like hot chocolate & cookies on a warm summer's night.

[pic: It__s_all_green_by_ennil_on deviantART]

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