dimanche 6 septembre 2009


[pic: beauty_by_salmasterz_on_deviantART]

Back in that old place again...
As i walk, i stumble across myself, with my dreams, with my wishes, all my tears.
As i look at myself, i think of all the wrong i've done by looking to feel beautiful. Seeking beauty. Desperately clinging on to those empty words. And not being able to undo the spell. Not letting go, because needing this feeling to stop myself from self-destruction. Things don't change. I'm looking for love in all the wrong places.

Hurting, because looking to feel loved when it only leaves me with this empty feeling of failure. Looking for words in all the wrong places. Looking to feel desired in all the wrong places.
And as i ache, i remember to look up & know it's in my head.
And as i ache, i know it's just a lie. Don't let go. It's just a lie.
What a mirror reflects, will never be what a rightful soul needs.

Yet you managed to make me believe i needed you to be able to feel something. Yet you managed to make me believe i needed you to like what i saw. And as i miss this feeling of contentment, i remember the empty feeling of not being enough. You're feeding your eyes, instead of feeding your heart & soul. You're feasting on all the beauty, instead of feasting on the soul.
You think you're making the most of life, when all you're doing is making the most of flesh. Empty, drunken, lonely flesh. You think you're taking what life has to offer, when all you're taking is what life shouldn't allow you to.

This promise i still hear, this hope i still have. This music is still playing & deep down i know, where my heart truly belongs.
My heart is where my treasures lie.

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