mercredi 9 septembre 2009


What can i do with my obsession_With the things i cannot see_Is there madness in my being_Is it the wind that moves the trees? Sometimes You're further than the moon_Sometimes You're closer than my skin_And You surround me like a winter fog_You've come and burned me with a kiss

And my heart burns for You_And my heart burns

And i'm so filthy with my sin_I carry pride like a disease_You know i'm stubborn and i'm longing to be close_You burn me deeper than i know_And i feel lonely without hope_And i feel desperate without vision_You wrap around me like a winter coat_You come and free me like a bird

And my heart burns for You_And my heart it burns for You
My love for You_My heart for You_My life for You_All i have for You

[Obsession_by_Martin Smith]
[pic: the_subtle_yarn_of_hope___by_m0thyyku_on_deviantART]