samedi 6 février 2010

Same old story

If you still don't know what to do with your life, follow these steps:

1/ Do not hit people when they ask you "what's next? work? work? WORK?" (i repeat: do NOT hit, uppercut, punch or bitch slap)

2/ You'll find avoiding the question by saying "yes i'm looking for a job at the moment" saves up alot of energy (even if it's quite clear "doing nothing" "eating alot" "sleeping alot" "refreshing your facebook homepage 15 times a day" is not quite what one would call "looking for a job")

3/ Nod and smile (noood and smiiiile)

4/ Avoid saying you wanna travel, people will just destroy what little hope you have "you might die" (yes and you also might die if i try killing you now), "it's expensive" (really? damn it i didn't think i'd need money... duh), "but are you sure you don't wanna work and be a responsible adult and stop trying to escape real life and GROW UP?" (nod and smile, nooood and smiiiiile -_-')

5/ If you still wanna honestly answer the question, you should know people's response aren't always what's expected:
Situation 1 "Are you gonna work?" "Dunno, i wanna travel i think" "oooh... that's cute" *uncomfortable silence* So...are you gonna work?" *nod & smile*
Situation 2 "Are you looking for a job?" "Mmmh haven't started yet... not sure what i'm looking for... yet" "Well you should you know, cuz a job's not just gonna fall into your arms like that, you think it's easy?! huh?! You think mom & dad will find it for you? And hey, think of all the people who didn't get the chance and opportunity to study and *blehblehbleh* but YOU *points finger* you're lucky enough to have parents who provided for you so you could... *blehblehbleh* --> hit! NOW! HIT!
Situation 3 "So? Looking for a job?" "Mmmmh... not really at the moment, i might wanna travel first, i dunno... distant dream i guess" "Ooooh how interesting! Where? When? How? I know people, i can help, i've been there, done that, wheeeere? Hoow? Hey AWESOME idea! I'll come with you, we'll raise goats and..." "Please don't..."

6/ Do NOT start running when a person comes towards you because you know what he/she is inevitably going to ask you. STOP running now.

7/ Pretend you know exactly what you're doing. Yes, pretend.

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Johanan a dit…

hahaha nooood and smiiiile...(avoid falling asleep due to the the repetition of said nodding...the balancing effect can be highly lethargic...avoid all drowsiness by plucking one of nostril hair...will make eyes water but get you back fully awake)'re welcome

MeiLo a dit…


go away...


Ronald Reegan a dit…

chevres chevres chevres, je vote pour les chevres! :D Miaouw